Airports, bus and train stations, and shipping ports' heavy flow of travelers and passengers must be monitored without slowing down the system. Make the protection of moving masses faster with smarter temperature monitoring solutions and fever scanning technology made by the world's most reliable manufacturers.

Int'l Airport chooses FLIR thermal cameras in response to the COVID-19

The Incheon International Airport Corporation chose FLIR thermal imaging cameras because of the efficiency and safety of non-contact skin temperature screening and the convenience of setting audible and visual (color-coded) alarms to warn camera operators whenever a camera detects a person whose skin temperature exceeds a pre-configured temperature threshold. In March, the Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) installed thermal imaging cameras on the departure level to screen all airport users for elevated skin temperature. Previously, thermal imaging cameras were installed on the arrival level only. The decision to broaden the scope of skin temperature screening was made to prevent other countries from refusing the entry of passengers departing from Korea in the light of the spread of COVID-19 in Korea. Source: FLIR Discover

Airport authorities install FLIR thermal security cameras

Westchester County Airport (HPN) near White Plains, NY, recently added FLIR thermal security cameras to their array of other cameras and sensors. Thermal cameras allow HPN's security operators to see in total darkness. While their other cameras only work during the day, thermal cameras see clearly 24-hours a day. "FLIR picks up where everything else drops off," said Wendell Orr, HPN's System Administrator for Aviation Services. Meanwhile, the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport in the heart of the Silicon Valley decided to install a FLIR end-to-end perimeter intrusion detection system composed of 57 FLIR Elara™ FC-Series ID thermal analytic cameras and 50 FLIR ioi HD Analytics Bullet cameras. The system also included four FLIR Triton™ PT-Series dual sensor cameras with thermal and visible light sensors and pan-tilt tracking. Source: FLIR Discover