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Create a better learning and working environment for students, educators, and staff by using highly-advanced temperature monitoring solutions that can be used for fever detection in crowds, science laboratory activity surveillance, and night-time security. Learn about the different ways thermal imaging cameras and scanners have helped improved academic communities and facilities.

Ohio schools turn to thermal cameras to prevent COVID-19 spread

The New Albany, Ohio School District, with five schools and 4,800 students, plans to test a system that would require each student to wear an electronic beacon to track their location to within a few feet. The technology logs which students and teachers are in each classroom throughout the day. The hope is such technology could prevent or minimize an outbreak of COVID-19, the deadly respiratory disease at the center of a global pandemic.

A handful also are considering deploying technology to help. “We are very much interested in the automated tracking of students,” says Michael Sawyers, superintendent for New Albany-Plain Schools. He believes that the technology could help the school determine whether social distancing is being observed and help quickly identify students who may have been exposed if someone tests positive for the coronavirus.

Source: WIRED

Hikvision thermal cameras protect Danish schools from arson

In Frederiksberg, Denmark, schools were having problems with arson. The solution was a combination of a thermal camera to identify any fire risks and a Darkfighter camera for clear images. The images from the thermal camera alert operators to the raised heat signature of a potential fire and the Darkfighter camera gives clear images for them to verify this. The two combined give operators the ability to detect a fire before it gets out of control and call the fire brigade.

The Hikvision cameras were integrated into the Mirasys VMS very quickly, making the installation straightforward, and the systems work seamlessly together. The camera combo was used in all 17 schools, giving them all the same protection, and all are managed by the same control centre. In 2017 the municipality experienced 8 arson incidents, and were able to get to the fire and start extinguishing it within 6-7 minutes on all occasions, thanks to the cameras ability to flag an issue.

Source: Security World Market News