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Thermal Scanners May Be A Permanent Screening Option At Theme Parks To Fight Against Covid-19

In an article from BBC News, theme parks are slowly opening up in sections of the world… but, only with the exception of implementing thermal scanners as part as the […]

Thermal Scanners Are In Big Demand After Covid-19 Outbreak

In an article from Forbes, Jeremy Bogaisky mentions the big demand for thermal cameras all over the world. ‘China’s largest maker of thermal imaging equipment has sold thousands of fever […]

Thermal Cameras Are Entering Businesses To Protect Workers And Customers

In an article from Forbes, companies will start to use thermal cameras as they plan to reopen or continue business.  ‘Amazon will use thermal cameras in their cavernous warehouses to screen […]

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan Equips Thermal Scanners For Meetings

Istanbul, Turkey.

In one of the latest articles from Reuters, there has been a confirmation on the first Covid-19 case in Turkey. Quote from the article, ‘Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who arrived […]