Thermal Screening Solution for Schools

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School is a place where students and teachers gather. They will stay in groups for a long time, in classrooms and dormitories particularly. For such scenarios, Hikvision provides a comprehensive temperature screening solution

School Gate

Class Room


School Gate Temperature Screening

School gate is the major spot to screen abnormal temperatures. However, considering the dense people flow, screening procedure should be fast and convenient. No crowding or commotion is tolerable.

Temperature Screening & Security Surveillance – Visualized Bi-spectrum Live View

Value-Added Choices

Mask Detection & Intuitive Demonstration

With DeepinMind NVRs and thermal cameras, users will enjoy additional functions:

  1. Mask Detection
  2. Intuitive Demonstration
  3. Search by Picture

Local Storage and Information Recording

With HikCentral Professional, users will enjoy additional functions:

  1. Local storage with pStor
  2. Identity information can be registered upon detection of abnormal temperatures
  3. The data can be intuitively displayed and easily exported

Classroom/Dormitory Temperature Screening

At the corridors outside classrooms, temperature screening can be performed along with course attendance statistics.

The Dormitory is the place where students spend the most of their time in school, second only to the classroom; Dormitory space is small but people density stays at a high level;

Temperature Screening with Access Control Touch-Free, Access is Easier but Safer