Restart Smart Kiosk Outdoor Kit


The Restart Smart Kiosk Outdoor Kit was developed with the idea of outdoor celebrations in mind. Event organizers can now set up temperature scanning kiosks to prevent spread of deadly viral diseases at venues. The outdoor kit can also double as a security monitoring system to detect any physical threat or harm.

The kit features an easy-to-use thermal monitoring device that boasts accurate temperature measurement of ±0.5° C (±0.9° F) of up to 6 ft distance (1.83 m), as well as 7-in. LCD Display with a 600 x 1024 Resolution, dual 2 MP CMOS sensors, and infrared temperature sensor.

Package includes:

  • 1 temperature monitoring station
  • 1 floor stand
  • 1 weatherproof monitor
  • 1 screen 4 social distancing floor decal
  • 12 stanchions 10
  • 4 signs