Patagonia Company Implements Thermal Screening for Employees

Employees of famous American clothing line Patagonia follow safety protocols every day at work—including passing through a thermal screening station to check their body temperature for fever, the most common symptom of COVID-19.“

We’re going to be cautious about the way we open up—we’re not going to necessarily follow what the state decrees are,” CEO Rose Macario said. “There are some areas that aren’t as hard hit, but I don’t think you can assume those places won’t see a surge in cases if people stop social-distancing.”

According to Patagonia Head of Global Logistics and Supply Planning, they invested in high-tech temperature scanning technology like the kind used at airports. If someone has an elevated body temperature, they are asked not to work that day. It has also sought to reduce the number of times that people touch door handles and to ensure that people do not use the bathroom at the same time. Employees are now often 30 feet apart. At the distribution center in Nevada, employees are wearing gloves and face masks and the facilities are disinfected regularly. 

The management is also thinking of the washing clothes customers tried out in the fitting rooms once their store finally fully reopen its doors to shoppers.

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