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Get the best temperature screening technology

We align ourselves with the best brands in the world. Beyond innovative technologies, we strive to create a more sustainable, more efficient, and safer future by enhancing human perception through best-in-class intelligent imaging & sensing solutions.


We deploy the most advanced fever scanning technology solutions in the world today. Powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI, our high-quality thermal imaging cameras are designed to detect and deliver accurate, real-time data of elevated body temperature among masses of crowds.



Our thermal scanning capabilities go beyond fever detection. Out technology and systems can serve other purposes such as advanced driver assistance, night surveillance and security, and even search and rescue.


Our wide range of vendor agnostic thermal scanner products allow us to cater to the different temperature monitoring solution needs of many different industries and businesses.


With a Real-time Scanning System, institutions with high volumes of crowds like universities, schools, and learning centers can detect individuals with elevated body temperature.

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With Mass Accurate data-gathering technology, our thermal scanners can serve as front liners when protecting groceries, malls, and retail businesses.

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Our top-notch thermal scanners can help safe guard work places and businesses such as bank buildings and office buildings where there is always a flow of people traffic.

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The Latest on Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Companies Use Thermal Cameras to Monitor the Health of Workers

April 27, 2020

As corporate America itches to reopen, company leaders are scrambling to install fever-screening stations, digital trackers and other security systems

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AI-powered Cameras Make Thermal Imaging More Accessible

April 18, 2016

FLIR and Movidius to make infrared technology smart and simple.

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How Thermal-imaging Cameras Spot Flu Fevers

May 1, 2009

Learn how thermal cameras in airports screen passengers for swine flu and other contagious diseases.

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