Recreational areas like gym, fitness centers, arenas, and sports clubs cater to large numbers of people that need to be protected from COVID-19 and other diseases that can be contracted by close proximity activities and sharing of equipment. Have the best thermal cameras for gyms and sports centers now to make fever detection among crowds faster, safer, and smarter.

Louisiana Sports Arena Proposes Thermal Cameras to Monitor Spectators

The Cajundome, the 13,000-seat arena that accommodates the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns men’s and women’s hoops squads, is seeking to implement thermal cameras to monitor spectators’ body temperatures.

Cajundome and Convention Center director Pam DeVille noted that the arena—which also plays host to graduations, concerts and monster truck events—is working on mounting the cameras at entrances as part of its coronavirus protocol.

“It’s one extra step that makes people feel comfortable coming here for the time being,” Cajundome Marketing Director Casey White explained. “We want (spectators) to be as comfortable as possible coming into this environment, and if this will help achieve that, it’s what we’ll try to do.”

Source: Daily News

UK Gyms Announced their Plan to Use Thermal Cameras

While leisure businesses in the USA are reopening, leisure businesses in the UK are last to reopen simply because of the nature of their services, where high-volume of people have to share the same items. Gyms and bowling alleys for example present a heightened hygiene risk as visitors share the same equipment.

In preparation for this long-awaited day, sports and fitness centers have already announced that thermal imaging cameras will be used at their gyms, as this technology is seen as a vital element for many businesses’ virus prevention strategy.

With thermal scanners positioned at gym entrances, management can therefore identify potential virus sufferers quickly. They can then discreetly stop that person from entering the premises before they have contact with others.

Source: Business Watch