Fever found in 78 percent of Covid patients, says UK study

Fever and coughing are two of the most prevalent COVID-19, says a UK study published in peer-reviewed journal, PLOS ONE. The study confirms that these signs, along with difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, fatigue, and loss of smell, are prevalent in 24,000 cases studied.

This new finding shows that fever is the most common symptom of the viral infection, in fact, in 78% of the monitored COVID-19 cases. This validates the symptoms which WHO announced earlier in the pandemic. While it is not groundbreaking discovery, the study confirms a need for early detection systems, such as thermal scanning solutions, to prevent further spread of the disease in public.

Thermal scanners play a huge part in the front lines today in an attempt to prevent spread of the COVID-19  virus. These devices can detect if an individual has normal or above normal body temperature, in case of a fever.

Industry-grade thermal scanners pick up temperature patterns from the skin with a thermal camera and project the temperature distribution onto a monitor. The imaging data then shows which individuals may need medical attention.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a rising demand for thermal screening at establishments such as airports, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other commercial places to prevent spread of the deadly virus.

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