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ASI Thermal Customer Service & Technical Support

We value our client’s success as our own. 

Therefore, we want to give you the best service and global assistance with any case, issue and questions you have. 

For us to provide quality support for all our customers, the best way to reach us is through this Customer Support Page.


Why is our immediate support online?

1.       We can view your account details, activities, system details, other information to troubleshoot effectively.

2.       We have our detailed records in one place. We know what questions to ask that helps us efficiently determine which issues to escalate.

3.       Online support assures you that we are undergoing different steps as we troubleshoot your issues and we can transparently keep you posted.


Target response time for a support ticket will be the time commencing when ASI Thermal receives a proper support ticket from customer and ending when customer receives notification that the support ticket has been logged.

You can also always reach us at or follow-up concerns through our direct Customer Support Hotline (415) 874-7979 Option 2. However, this method may take longer response times than usual during this period due to the COVID-19.

Our support hours are open 8 AM to 6PM during business days.

Thank you very much!

Office Schedules

As much as we want to be at your service 24/7, our available hours are limited. But to help know when the best time to call us, here are our office hours.

California Office: (415) 874-7979

8 AM to 5 PM PST

Mondays to Fridays

Nevada Office: (702) 333-4522

8 AM to 5 PM PST

Mondays to Fridays

New York Office: (646) 540-7337

8 AM to 5 PM EST

Mondays to Fridays

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you try calling our support team, try out if your question can be answered by FAQs!


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