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ASI Thermal Customer Service & Technical Support

Our Customer Support Portal is dedicated to helping you get the most out of our thermal screening solutions and sanitation systems. This portal gives you access to our technical support team, service contacts, and list of frequently asked questions.

Customer service

Call for Assistance: (415) 874-7979 Ext. 2

Office Schedules

As much as we want to be at your service 24/7, our available hours are limited. But to help know when the best time to call us, here are our office hours.

California Office: (415) 874-7979

8 AM to 5 PM (UTC/GMT-7)

Mondays to Fridays

Nevada Office: (702) 333-4522

8 AM to 5 PM (UTC/GMT-7)

Mondays to Fridays

New York Office: (646) 540-7337

8 AM to 5 PM (UTC/GMT-4)

Mondays to Fridays

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you try calling our support team, try out if your question can be answered by FAQs!


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