Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Because of the coronavirus pandemic that shocked the world in late 2019 and scared the globe in early 2020, sales for thermal imaging cameras spiked. Airports, institutions, and commercial establishments began using the said cameras to detect people with fever, as fever was proven to be one of the most common coronavirus disease (COVID-19) symptoms. But thermal cameras can do more than detect fever. Their capability to detect elevated temperatures allows them to provide safety and security in different ways. Here are the top benefits of thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect fever

As most people may know by now, both the private and public sectors are implementing thermal screening solutions as part of their respective safety measures during this pandemic. Special thermal imaging cameras equipped with artificial intelligence have been developed to specifically read the temperature near the human tear ducts, to accurately detect elevated body temperature. This is very important as fever has been proven to be one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. These cameras are mainly manufactured and developed by companies such as FLIR Systems, Dahua Technology, and Hikvision.

Thermal cameras can detect gas leaks

The handheld thermal scanners by FLIR Systems were not exactly made for screening human body temperature. Before the pandemic, they were first marketed as a piece of equipment to detect gas leaks and evaluate HVAC health. Because gas have different temperature from the room temperature, gas leaks can visually register and be seen on thermal scanners’ monitors. This allows building and HVAC maintenance to be safer, faster, and more efficient.

Thermal cameras can provide night-time surveillance

The benefits of thermal imaging cameras include night-time surveillance. They are the new night-vision cameras. Because of their ability to detect temperature even during the dark, they can be used (and is currently being used) to prevent night-time break-ins and accidents. For example, public schools in Frederiksberg, Denmark, are currently using Hikvision thermal cameras to prevent delenquent students from breaking into the school premises at night and committing arson. On the other hand, coast guard ships are using FLIR thermal cameras to easily detect crew that has fallen overboard at night when the waters are very dark.

Thermal cameras can protect the wildlife

If thermal cameras can save human lives as night-time surveillance equipment, they sure can save animal lives. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund has installed FLIR thermal cameras in selected conservation areas to protect endangered animals from poachers that attack in the darkness of the night. The cameras are used to detect poachers in the dark through sensing human body heat. Sure enough, only nine months after the installation of the cameras, rangers have arrested around 24 poachers in the Maasai Mara and two more poachers in a national park in Kenya.

With their various benefits, investing in thermal cameras means investing in a lot of things. Others might be hesitant of getting thermal cameras for their properties and businesses, thinking that thermal technology will no longer be necessary after the pandemic. But benefits of thermal cameras go beyond fever-detection, making them still relevant even after this pandemic ends. 

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