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ASI Thermal temperature screening provides a range of solutions to suit your business needs. With a vendor agnostic systems and solutions strategy framework we aim to deliver the best in customer satisfaction. All of our systems are easy to install and easy to use and can be up and running in minutes, installed in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help businesses, institutions and venues provide a safer environment for staff, customers and visitors.



Precise temperature measurement with a fixed heat source to maximize accuracy. 


Within seconds, the system detects a face, finds the most reliable spot to measure and displays a pass/fail alert.


Give better performance, accountability and tracking than a temporal thermometer, while maintaining safe social distance.


We offer a wide range of vendor agnostic systems and solutions appropriately priced and available to meet your particular requirements.


Medical Research Centers

Human & Animal Clinics


What are thermal cameras and why are they important?

Thermal cameras identify elevated body temperatures and can alert organizations if a person’s temperature exceeds a set threshold – such as 100.4° F, the CDC’s definition of a fever – which can allow security personnel to decide if additional action is necessary. This enables your organization to be proactive in detecting elevated body temperature of people entering your facility, adding an extra layer of screening and protection for your employees and workplace as a whole.

Contactless Temperature Screening

We can  integrate an option for your team to offer contact-less secondary screening questionnaire. Automate your secondary screening process, ask all of the CDC’s recommended symptom-related questions via individuals smart phone device. 

Our contactless temperature screening allows the hospital staff to do their job efficiently, and safely. This is a definite need to accommodate regular clinical visits at faster speeds again.

Thermal scanners can perform mass screening in high-traffic places like main entry areas instantly and accurately with real-time reporting accountability. 

Healthcare Staff On The Frontline..

Healthcare personnel are at the frontline of this dangerous Covid-19 pandemic. Medical staff assigned to scan the temperature of people entering the hospital entry way are especially vulnerable. 

With our temperature screening system in place, it is easy as 123 to empower your team to automatically monitor temperatures in real-time and notify you of any violations from a safe distance. People will only have to enter your building, your custom designed thermal temperature screening system will do the rest.

How Does Thermal Imaging Cameras Work?

Temperature screening with technology efficiency.

Thermal imaging cameras are designed to detect and measure the invisible infrared radiation emanating from objects, frequently referred to as a “heat signature”. The hotter an object is, the more radiation it releases. The thermal camera sensor array will detect infrared frequencies, converting the data to electronic signals, which can then be viewed as colored images that vary with the level of heat being emitted.

Thermal Imaging Cameras are able to measure an object’s temperature at high accuracy in real-time. They enable quick detection of elevated skin temperatures. They are capable of discovering and tracking people’s body temperature in crowded public areas. Thermal imaging equipment can also easily be installed and implemented in places such as airports, hospitals, clinics, office buildings, cruise ships, and any large public gathering location.

Benefits of Thermal Cameras for Hospitals & Health Institutions Summary Recap

 No Contact

The person who handles the thermal imaging system is not required to be physically close to the person being evaluated. In fact, the person who handles the thermal imaging system could be in a different area or room.


Scientific studies show that, when used correctly, thermal imaging systems generally measure surface skin temperature accurately. This is very helpful as the fever has been proven to be one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19.


The thermal imaging system may measure surface skin temperature faster than the typical forehead or oral (mouth) thermometer that requires a close distance or physical contact with the person being evaluated. This makes access and traffic flow faster and smoother.

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Organizations today are operating under intense pressures as they work to implement effective safety and security policies for the screening of employees and visitors who are returning to the workplace. With this urgency mounting, businesses worldwide are turning to innovative technologies such as human temperature screening and thermal cameras to enhance screening practices and security protocols, looking for ways to help mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in their facilities.

Get started learning how your business can enhance workplace safety and security protocols.

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